MCA-1600 multi-channel amplifier

Multi-channel amplifier MCA-1600

The Hagner Multi-Channel Amplifier is designed for use where several simultaneous photometric measurements are required. Such applications include:

  • The measurement of distribution from light sources.
  • Control and regulation of lighting in large buildings, such as theatres, sport arenas etc.
  • Control of switching functions in high voltage switchgear areas. (Detection of arcing.)

The MCA-1600 includes the required number of input terminals, up to a maximum of 16 channels.
A Hagner photometric or radiometric detector, either a standard or specially designed, can be connected to each input channel.

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LS1-60 for calibrating

Model LS1-60

  • For calibration of luminance meters.
  • Produces a uniformly bright surface of 60 mm diameter.
  • Continuosly adjustable from 0 - approx. 1500 cd/m².

The LS1-60 luminance standard produces a uniformly bright surface with a diameter of 60 mm. The luminance of the surface can be continously varied from 0 to about 1500 cd/m². Irrespective of the luminance value, the coulour temprature remains constant at about 2850 K (Standard Illuminant A). The luminance of the source is continously measured and indicated on a built-in digital display.

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