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Tunnel Photometer Model TLS-420

Tunnel photometer TLS-420/S

The Hagner TLS-420 Tunnel Entrance Photometer is designed to measure the average luminance of road tunnel entrance and its surroundings according to CIE recommendations and is used, together with a PLC/computer, to regulate the lighting inside the tunnel. The idea is to control the illumination inside the tunnel to a level corresponding to the degree of light adaptation of an approaching cardriver´s eyes.

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The aim of road tunnel lighting is to ensure that traffic, both during daytime and nighttime, can approach, pass through and leave a tunnel, at the designated speed, with a degree of safety and comfort not less than along the adjacent stretches of open road.

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Accessoires TLS-420

Er zijn voor de TLS-420 tunnel photometer diverse accessoires verkrijgbaar.

  • Verstelbare steun om de meter op te monteren. Deze kan bevestigd worden op bijvoorbeeld ondergenoemde muurbeugel.
  • Muurbeugel voor montage aan een wand.
  • Windscreen washer, een ruitenwisser met watertank.

Verstelbare steun model SW/S


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Overvoltage Protection model OVP-02


Overvoltage protection OVP-02

The Hagner OVP-02 Overvoltage Protection has been designed to give extra protection to the Hagner TLS-420 Tunnel Photometers which are mounted in areas where there are risks from over voltage and/or transients, caused by an unstable power supply or lightning strikes in the surroundings.

There are some areas where the Hagner Tunnel Entrance Photometers are at risk from over voltage and/or transients on the power net and transients on the signal cable, which may be caused by an unstable power supply or lightning strikes in the surrounding area.

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Model EH-150 PLC

PLC EH-150

The Hitachi EH-150 PLC has been provided with a specially designed program for regulating road tunnel lighting.

The PLC receives a 4-20 mA signal from a Hagner TLS-420 Tunnel Photometer (where 4 mA = 0 cd/m² and 20 mA = the chosen calibration level, e.g. 6,500 cd/m²). The PLC has been programmed to activate built-in relay switches at certain current levels (up to 10 levels set according to the customer's requirements). Programmed time delays mean that a switch is only activated when the signal has been steady over or under the level in question for a certain time. The relay switches can then be connected to contactors which regulate the lighting inside the tunnel.

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